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Rivesh Vade is a person who has been an eloquent spiritual orator. He is spiritual master and highly attuned to sound and frequencies. He has raised himself to such a level of awareness that his personality, his voice, his deeds perfectly epitomizes an idea of reverent person. He had met with the near-death accident in 2011. One could say this as tragic but it seems that fortune had destined to give birth to the holy spirit. Universe has designed Rivesh’s life to serve bigger purpose. During this phase, he got a paradigm shift from corporate life and started understanding music. He became neoteric sound therapist naturally. Spanda shastra was revealed to him when he was bedridden for months. He left his corporate job and started following the spiritual path.

Rivesh empathetically started sensing energy around him and he was amazed to see that he was in bliss even during his casualty. His intuitive mind started sensing environment and his active presence filtered the impurities and disturbances. His voice and deeds created an astonishing ripple effect which further healed many people. Later it was discovered that he was awakened due to his direct association with Bhagwan Nityananda since his childhood. His life story depicts that he belongs to Siddha lineage and carries broader vision to create awareness among people. He had received initiation from godly figure like Paramhansa Pradyananda and Swami Kriyananda in 2007, who belongs to Lahari Mahasaya linage. With this mission, he started his journey as NAAD Yogi.

Uniqueness about Rivesh is his VOICE. His voice is tuned to positive frequencies which is now being used for chanting sonic mantras. His voice frequency creates altogether different aura which eventually benefits people associated with him. The phenomena of Rivesh’s voice can be better understood by research made by Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis. It states that emotions of a person are reflected in his voice. The affirmations from Rivesh’s voice, which have a strong backbone of Siddha lineage help people get tuned to right frequencies. This SAGA (Spiritually Aligned Guided Affirmations) philosophy has been used to designed Rivesh sir’s DNA and NAVEL activation workshop. This houseful workshop has transformed peoples’ life.

Rivesh is a certified music therapist from MET, Mumbai with Ayurveda as a major. He is an engineering post-graduate. He has done his executive management from IIT BOMBAY. He is founder of Bodh Marga Foundation (Yoga Of Awareness). He is also the fore-bearer of Wellness Vibe (http://www.wellnessvibe.com/) and the creator of Power Brain music tracks for holistic remedies and sound health. With this initiative, he strives for Holistic Transformation. He teaches Ayurvedic Sound techniques and shares the divine secrets of Himalaya.

Journey so far

Times of India awarded Speaking Tree Good Karma Award.
Started Retreat. Promoted NAAD Yoga Organized mass healing session.
Started NAVEL Activation throughout India.
Shri Hari Chaitanya Prabhu Maharaj 1008 awarded him for healing with sound techniques like singing bowls and Gongs, CDs.
He started healing with his voice. His voice is tuned to positive frequencies which is now being used for chanting sonic mantras. He created Music CDs with RFT technology. Later he introduced Binural beats and Isochronic tracks. He started DNA workshop.
Met with near death accident one month before his daughter’s birth. This was phenomenal time when Rivesh got connected to self. He experienced bliss and after that moment he could remain fearless and continuously awareness.
He got initiated to Kriya Yoga from Paramhansa Pradyananda and Swami Kriya Ananda in Lahari Mahasaya Lineage.
He got initiated from Shri. Ramchandra Joshi Maharaj (from Siddha lineage) in Siddha Peth. i.e. Spanda Shastra
He started conducting workshop on study techniques and pranayama in school.
Rivesh started visiting Bhagwan Nityananda Ashram. He was deeply connected with Bhagwan Nityananda’s philosophy that he became regular visitor to ashram.

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